AveniCom QR provides electronic template solutions that are used by our customers.


All documents will be prepared using the AveniCom QR’s standard typeface requirements as described below. Use Arial, size 11, for body copy, and Arial in All Caps for headlines. All documents will be dated and include revision date(s) if applicable. 

All attachments and documents emailed through the website will be in either as a doc., docx., or pdf format only. This will ensure all recipients will be able to open the attachment(s) in accordance with the file format.

Delivery Policy: Electronic Document Fulfillment provides secure, fast document exchange between AveniCom QR and its customers. As an AveniCom QR customer, you will receive an email within 24 hours that provides the details necessary to download your purchased documents.

All items are being purchased under the exchange of USD currency.